Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Afternoon in Ancient Egypt, 9-28-12

A family from our co-op hosted a really fun Ancient Egyptian party back in September.  We study world history in order and our co-op is currently on "Ancient History" this year so it was a good fit with our studies.  As we walked up the driveway, we encountered a timeline on the driveway so we knew we were entering the realm of 3000 BC!  The kids were told to come dressed in white and were given an egyptian collar to decorate.  I love the way they decorated their pillar with hieroglyphics.  What a photo opportunity!  By the way, David promptly removed his collar after I took the picture and told me I could wear it.  ;-)

Mary had all the details covered.  Her guests brought dates, figs, lentils, cous-cous and she served grilled fish for us to eat.  The Egyptians ate with their hands and so did we!  As you can imagine, eating with our hands was not a problem for my family.  We felt right at home!  So why are the kids standing in a line with toilet paper?  No... it is not the line for the bathroom....

They were standing in line to make mummies out of themselves.  Now this is the easiest party game ever and the kids were occupied for well over an hour with this.  Mary took a freestanding toilet paper holder and told the kids to roll themselves up and not to break the paper while they did it.  Oh my goodness, they loved this!  And they waited patiently for their turn for a very long time!

After mummifying themselves, they got to raid the tomb... and found (stole) these little Egyptian charms.  (I found them on Oriental Trading... what a great idea!)

She also had twenty-sided dice to give as party favors... and again, my crew thought these were the best gifts ever.  What an awesome gift for a bunch of home-schooled kids!  Love it.  What a fun party!

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun!! I wish my schooling was this much fun and educational!