Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beach Week: Game Night!

Game night was really fun this year.  The older kids were all into this game called "Spoons" and they were playing it all week.  It was really fun watching the kids play together and especially seeing the older ones encouraging the younger ones to join in.

Thanks to Tom and Cortney, BINGO was a huge event with prizes for everyone.  I don't know how I am always so Lucky at BINGO but Lia's card won first, and she selected a Hello Kitty notebook set.  I was the next BINGO winner and I picked the prize all the ladies wanted:

A Brighton tote bag!
 Yes, I love my BINGO luck.

I love taking this picture of Emily with her Uncle Crab every year.  Tom will always be Uncle Crab to my kids... even when he's not wearing the hat.

And David got exactly the BINGO prize he was wanting... a styrofoam airplane for his toy Ninja Warrior to ride on.  What a boy!

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