Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beach Week: KG's surprise shower (July)

After ladies night out, a surprise shower was held for KG in anticipation for her wedding coming up this month!  And it is nice to see I was really on this vacation... I had to snag these off Facebook.  Thank you to Madison and Stephanie for posting!  I know Emily and Lia were very excited to go to the "girl" party.  David was a little miffed asking, "When is the boy party?"  Ah yes, little boy, only women can make a fuss like women do.  It makes me glad to be a girl.  What a fun celebration for KG!
Group Picture

The Bride and her Flowergirls
 (they are wearing their special shirts)

Olivia, Madison, Lexi and Me

I think Lia is enjoying the party with Ainsley
Olivia, Ainsley, Madison, Annaliese, Emily
Enjoying the goodies...

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