Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beach Week: We made it! (July)

From Pop Pop's house, it takes about 4-5 hours to drive to the beach.  Several years ago, Nonna purchased a 3-CD collection of children's silly songs.  In my opinion, it is a rather cheaply produced annoying collection of children singing annoying songs... but my children LOVE it.  In fact they can't wait for the 4-5 hour drive so we can listen to this CD the entire time.  I can just hear the little girl saying "They sure are hot!" at the end of the Hot Cross Buns track.  So our children get their fill of every silly song every created and I get a very long time to read a good book while trying to ignore "silly songs" in the background.  One good thing though... when listening to silly songs, my children do not bicker with each other so I think Nonna knew exactly what she was doing.  So you can imagine how excited we all were 4-5 hours later when we finally pulled up to our beach house and saw this!

And this was the view from our front deck!  What a beautiful day.

Emily couldn't wait to put her feet in the sand.

And David is finally old enough to help unload the car.  Take note, he insisted on wearing his Hawaiian shirt!

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