Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cousin Camp: Peach Picking (July)

I am so tardy in finishing these blog postings from cousin camp!  I was just thinking it would be nice if I could adjust the date of this blog post back to July... and I just saw you can schedule the date and time of your post.  I can either backdate it or schedule it for the future.  Has Blogger always offered this feature?  How nice.  I think since I am so behind... I will just continue to catch up but no I can use this feature in the future.
Nature's Bounty (The Good Life)
So now that it is October... and there are no peaches worth eating anywhere in sight... my mouth is just watering for that bushel of peaches Chris is holding.  Every year, the day before we make the drive to the beach, we go peach picking to stock our beach houses.  These peaches are nothing like what we get at HEB... they are so juicy and sweet.  We eat them every day at the beach and my sweet hubby (along with the rest of the Nelli men) dearly love to put them at the bottom of their wine glasses and let them soak up the red wine before eating them.  What I would give for one of those peaches this morning!
Uncle Rob hard at work!
 It is worth mentioning that the peach field we are picking from is not the one we normally go to.  I don't think you ever tell this from my previous year's pictures.  All these field look pretty much alike.  2012 was not the best year for peaches because of some freezes that damaged parts of the crop.  According to an Amish woman I met, the late winter freezes damaged some of the peaches, which had claw marks on them.  She was complaining that there just weren't that many good ones this year.  She must live near by and pick often though.  With a little bit more effort than usual, we were able to find plenty.  The other thing worth mentioning were the number of beetles present this year.  When you peeked into these bushes you were very likely to find black beetles feasting on many of the peaches.  Thank goodness there was plenty for us and the bugs!  It was kind of gross though!

Kid labor at its finest!

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