Saturday, October 6, 2012

David is a Cub Scout

David started cub scouts this fall.  We found him a homeschooled cub scout pack and this will be his first year as a Tiger cub.  His Tiger den has 19 boys and David is loving the weekly meetings and being loud and silly with his buddies.  These pictues are from his first pack meeting where he received his bobcat badge for memorizing some important cub scout matters, making a family scrapbook and attending his first Go See It.

David's Tiger Cub den went to the Sam Houston Museum to see how family life was different many years ago.

The way things worked in the kitchen were certainly different... but the importance of feeding the family remains unchanged.  The kitchen was and still is a very important part of family life.

The boys also got to meet Wyatt, a boy scout, who will be their Den Chief this year.  The boys like Wyatt because he likes to play games with them!  At their last meeting they played several versions of freeze tag and Red Rover.  Excellent boy time.

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