Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Emily is Diving!

Emily graduated from AcroKidz, the dry-land prepratory dive class we had her in last spring and is now in AcroDive where she actually gets to dive into the pool.  She trains at the Natatorium, which is the fanciest facility I have ever seen, and is loving it!  We are lucky to have her in the homeschool class because there are only 5 or 6 kids at her level.  Fewer kids means more attention and more times going off the board.  These kids get quite a work-out getting in and out of the pool so many times!  Here is a little sampling of what they are doing. 
In the first video, I think I comment something like, "That's better!" because the dive before her legs were kind of flopping all over the place and another dive her legs almost flipped over her head!  She was making good progress!
I think coach Stephanie is trying to help them with their "hollow body hold."
At the end of each class, the kids get 3 free dives.  The younger ones like to go off the high dive.  It kind of scares me to watch them do this. 

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