Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emily's Birthday Cake (August)

Hooray!  I made it to the big August post... Emily's birthday!  I'm on a roll and David's birthday is approaching so I better get to work.  Emily decided on a brownie/cookie cake and the kids are preparing the mix to go into the oven.  This picture makes me laugh because it is always very silly when I try to get all three of them to smile sweetly for the camera.  But here they are:
Emily is clearly in charge of this operation.

Look closely, David is missing a few teeth in front!
 Now it is the day of her party and the brownie/cookie cake has cooled and is ready to be decorated.  What will the theme be this year?  Well, the icing will definetly be pink.  Emily chose cherry icing from the baking aisle at Walmart.  And take notice, Peg... still using the special frosting knives!!!  Nothing else would do.

And now you can see the theme...  a penguin princess theme, of course!  I was actually out shopping when the penguin was drawn on the cake.  I think Emily did a great job.

And I put on the final frosting touches with the star tip to make Penguin look fluffly... I think it came out awesome!

And now, let's have a party!

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