Saturday, November 17, 2012

David's Cake

One of our recent traditions has been to take the kids to Gigi's when they finish their math books.  Gigi's is a gourmet cupcake bakery with a lot of choices.  My kids pour over the menu and spend a lot of time deciding on what cupcake they will get for the "next time."  David finished his 1B math book a few weeks before his birthday and he selected a cinnamon roll cupcake.  Apparently, it was delicious because he talked about it for days and really wanted to make a cinnamon roll cake for his birthday.  And I hear this a lot at my house:  "Mommy, can we Google "fill in the blank?"  So, we googled cinnamon roll cake and printed out the first result.  Here is David with our plan.  By the way, Emily was at the zoo for girlscouts and David was excited to have the kitchen to himself...  He can handle Lia.

Let's get started!

What do we need?  What do we do?

Can monkey's make cakes?

Look out!  David's got the mixer.


And letting sister help... Beautiful!

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