Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday David, Oct 14

David turned seven this year!  We have been meeting at the same park every year since his first birthday to enjoy the fall concert series.  This year, however, we received a lot of rain on this day and the concert was cancelled.  Lucky for us, by evening time, the rain cleared up and the sun came out so we were still able to celebrate his birthday at the park.  There was no live music, but there were no crowds either.  We were able to get a great picnic table under the pavillion and the kids were able to run around and play while the adults got in a good visit.

Chastity, Courage, David, Travis, Lia, Emiy, Emma

David wanted a cinnamon roll cake and I did my best to make this happen.  Visually, however, the cake wasn't a big sucess because it was really hard to get out of the pan.  The cinnamon rolls on top were my attempt to cover up the places where the cake just fell apart.  The transfer did not go well!  But most importantly, David was happy with his cake.  He wanted his name in red and the number 7 candle to be red.  When I asked him if the cake was okay, he said, "Of course Mommy.  It's perfect."  And so it was.

These pictures were a little blurry but I'm glad I got to document that David's very important people were at his party to help him celebrate.  Happy Birthday David!!!

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