Saturday, November 17, 2012

HMNS: New Hall of Paleontology (October)

The Houston Museum of Natural Science opened up a new Paleontology wing last summer and we had been hearing how spectacular it was.  Since I bought a family pass last year, we wanted to go see it while we could still do so admission free.  We were not disappointed!  It was a great family outing.

The kids were unable to pose like normal children in front of these dinosaurs.  They morphed into T-Rex, Diplodocus, Stegasaurus... you get the idea.

This is a "virtual" prehistoric aquarium and I had to take a picture because David literally stood in front of it for half an hour.  The creatures in the tank were so strange looking that they literally looked like figures straight out of a little boy's imagination.  No wonder David liked it so much.  There was this one creature, he called "the ultimate worm digger" who tried really hard but never got the worm..."  He stood there so long he saw the virtual show multiple times and could narrate and point out all the cool things to kids who would come up and watch with him.  Do you think I can get it on dvd?

And well, here you would have a boy sticking his head into a prehistoric crocodile's mouth.  Typical.

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