Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning!

This year we took the kids to the Easter Vigil mass on Saturday night.  It is a very long mass but I have to say that my night-owl children did great and it was really nice to avoid the crowds on Easter Sunday.  Let's remember for future reference, to arrive at the Vigil a little earlier next year so we can ensure everyone gets candles.  Unfortunately, we missed getting a candle when everyone was still outside and Emily got really upset.  Again, we were very lucky that some nice family saw we didn't have candles and offered us one of theirs once we got into the church.  I don't think they realized how much this meant to Emily but I was very grateful to see her be able to fully participate.
At our church, the old testament readings were read in the dark... I mean pitch dark.  Lia and Emily kind of freaked out a little bit but luckily they were able to hold my cell phone for some comforting light.  That said, the part of the mass where the lights came on and we sang all the alleiluias was really powerful and the kids were more comfortable after that.  I think we were at church till almost 11pm so everyone was ready for bed but I stayed up a little longer to put out the Easter baskets for the next day.  Several of our dear friends and family members contribute to the Easter goodies each year and I am always amazed at how great the kid's Easter baskets come together each year.  I found the pinwheels in the dollar bins at Target.  What a hit they were! 

Stacey, the fridge magnets and window decals filled out my baskets perfectly!  Thank you.

Oh yes, the kids made sacrifices all during Lent and filled the rectangular vase with beans each time they did something kind for each other.  They were happy to find the beans changed into Reeses Peanut Butter cups on Easter morning!

Nana and Grandpa's cookie box!

David dearly loves Mad Libs.  Thank you Stan and Peg!  Spot on, again.

Look at  all these adorable Easter cookies!  Thank you Nana and Grandpa.

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