Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papem - Our new Pope!

When Pope Benedict the 16th resigned, as part of our homeschool, we started talking about the Papal office and how the new pope would be elected.  It was such an exciting time and one my kids may not experience again during their schooling years.  Once the conclace began to select the new pope, we were on the lookout for the news of white smoke which would indicate a new pope had been selected.  When we got that news, we anxiously turned on the TV and waited to find out who it would be!  Here is Emily when the announcement was made that Jorge Mario Bergoglio would be our next pope, Pope Francis!

Emily diligently put together this Papal lapbook that Jessica at Shower of Roses put together.  We all learned so much about the Papal office through this project.  Emily took a lot of pride in her work and I am just so proud of all her efforts.  The following pictures will give you an idea about this lapbook.  It is just a file folder used to creatively display information.  Many of the items in her lapbook are mini books which unfold to display more information.  For example, the vocabulary words are flaps that can be opened to see the definition.

The cover is the flag for Vatican City

Here is the Lap Book opened up

This is an extra page that flips up since we had so much information!

And the back... with a lovely coloring page of Jesus giving St. Peter the keys to the Church

This one is actually a pop-up book for St. Peters Basilica.

And of course, now Emily really, really wants to visit the Sistine Chapel.  And honestly, I would love to see it again too!

And this video was so entertaining and educational at the same time!  My kids kept asking to watch it over and over again!

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