Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Fun with Family and Friends

The weather was a little cool in the mornings but beautiful in the afternoon.  The kids (and Pop Pop)are enjoying the park here.  I love that they are all the see-saw together.  Not a bad day to play hooky from school either...  ;-)

 Here is David and Anthony in their matching stripes.  Anthony quickly learned all his cousins' names and would shout out "Dadid", "Ia", and "Emmy" so joyfully.  He has been so much fun to have at our house!

Everyone wants to hold Anthony's hand in the parking lot.

Blocks.  The best toy ever.  Look at this smile... He wouldn't knock down the tower...

Oh well... yes he would!

Here is Lia all dolled up for church in her new dress from Nana and Grandpa.  And she is extra fancy in her new hat too!

Another beautiful day.

Emily found her friend Rebecca after church.

And Lia found her friend Cecilia too.  I love that they were excited to have their picture taken together.

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