Saturday, April 27, 2013

Emma's First Communion, April 27

I am writing this on Saturday, May 4, but I am hoping it posts on April 27th because that was the day Emma received her first holy communion.  If it works, I can blog as tardy as I like... and still have it show up in correct time order.  We'll see if it works.  Chris and David went to Emma's first communion mass.  Emily, Lia and I spent the morning at the natatorium for the Laura Wilkerson dive meet... and yes, I will blog that next!  Luckily, we finished at the dive meet in time to see Emma arrive home for her reception and to see her in her beautiful first communion dress and veil.  She was beautiful!

Proud family!
 And look at this!  My family was able to pose for a group picture with Emma.  Seriously, all family members are looking at the camera and not one of my kids is sticking out their tounge.  This is a serious accomplishment for us.  Peg said we should crop Emma out and use it as our Christmas card next year... but that is just wrong on so many levels!  And if you look carefully, you can see Emily is wearing a medal!  (more on that later)

Opening gifts...
 And I just have to brag about my sweet girls because they both worked really hard to make Emma very special 1st communion cards.

Emily's Card - Front

Emily's card inside.  We all signed it.

Emily's card, back.  It is the sacred heart of Jesus.

Lia's card front.  She did everything but the writing.  We used google images to find nice pictures of crosses.

And again, Lia's original drawing, my handwriting, and google images.  Love it!

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