Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cub Scout Spring Camput - Friday Night

Today is Saturday, May 4th and I haven't posted a blog entry for 2 months!  What is going on?  Well... I am going to do my best to get caught up on the major events this weekend and try the fancy back dating tool.  We'll see.  But as for the present, we have been preparing for David's cub scout campout at Brazos Bend.  Last November, he went on his very first camp out with his Daddy and his Tiger Cub buddies and loved every minute of it.  This time, Chris and David are better prepared because they learned a lot last time and documented (yes we are a family of engineer types) what they needed to do it better.  What is funny is that it got down to 32 degrees at the fall campout and because of this ultra-strange spring weather we are having, it will be 44 degrees on their first night.  This time they have the flashlights you wear on your head (all the scouts had these last time), walkie talkies, a padded bed roll so sleeping on the ground is more comfortable, a lantern, a second table, heat packs for the feet... and several other items I'm sure Chris will tell me when he reads this blog post.  Regardless, they take a lot of stuff and food to go camping for two nights.  We could not go camping as a family b/c there wouldn't be enough room to put more than 2 people in our car!  Anyway, I got a call that they made it last night and how beautiful the park was.  I also received these 3 photos:

David was so excited to find this winter tiger cap at Christmas time (since he is a Tiger cub) and knew it would be a hit at the Cub Scout Campout! So next year, I need to find a Wolf theme... what did I start?  Lat year he told the epic story of Gilgamesh around the campfire.  I can't wait to hear what story he shares this year?  He was telling me he was thinking about sharing the Iliad... a shortened version I'm sure.  We spent about 3 weeks reading a lengthy retelling of it last month.  It was full of battle stories and apparently he really liked it!  I love my "classically educated" kid!

These screened in shelters are really nice!  I think 2 families shared each one... but real scouts camp outside, I'm sure.

Chris said there were many beautiful oak trees here.  It looks really peaceful, doesn't it?

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