Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cousin Camp - Carrowinds!

Yeah!  Carrowinds Day!  I think all the cousins agree that Carrowinds is the best day of cousin camp!  My kids talk about the rides year round and look forward to riding their favorites each time.  Here is part of our group at the front gates.  Madison, Olivia, Lia, Jed, David, Annaliese, Emily, Ainsley and Christopher.

I love this picture of Annaliese and Lia holding Anthony's hand.  I remember Stacey saying to me, "Wow!  He really fits right in, doesn't he."  And yes, he does.  I love the way all the big cousins take care of the little guys.  Annaliese had been in charge of holding Lia's hand for the last few years and now that Lia's a big girl, she can help too.

So nice to see David looking at the camera and smiling!  Love my guys on the pirate boats.

And here are the big girls.  Ainsley made it to the 54" mark but Emily just missed it.  It wasn't a big deal this year because Ainsely is scared of the bigger rides.  Emily, however, has turned into a dare devil and would ride anything they would let her on!  She even rode the upside-down loop the loop, Carolina Cobra with me!
Next year, look out because she'll pass 54" and be ready to ride the Intimidator with her teen age cousins!

Lia and I spent a lot of time together at the park.  Here we are on the train.

And she was very proud to ride all by herself.  Mommy was too tall!  (Now that's a phrase I don't hear very often!)

That would be my son acting like a monkey b/c I want to take a picture.  Typical.

And our first time to ride Windseeker!  Emily is holding on to her glasses so they don't fly away.  This ride takes you high up over the park for amazing views.  Next year, we're going to ride it at night b/c it is all lit up.

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