Monday, July 22, 2013

Favorite Beach Pictures

After digging through a lot of candid beach pictures, I picked these to share:

Emily was cooperative this day and what a pretty picture!  It is rare that the ocean is calm like this and you can see the breezes are not blowing!  It makes for a hot day on the beach but I am grateful for this picture of my big girl!

The thing I love about Anthony is the way he joyfully announces his family as they come into his sight.  We loved hearing him call out "Lia Bear!" and seeing all the hugs and kisses given and received.  If Lia headed out into the ocean, Anthony was quick to follow.

Ball!  (It's the simple things, really.)

Look!  I was on this vacation!  Thank you to David for taking this picture.

I have always loved watcing the pelicans flying down the beach and especially seeing them dive head first into the ocean.

And impromtu visits are the best!  Here is David visiting with Peg Jones.  You can see he is telling her all about something.

And one with Uncle Crab from game night.  I have to get this every year!

And the big kids were playing spoons one night but it got too noisy so they changed it up to be pencils instead.  I love that they include the younger ones too.

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