Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pier and Museum Outing

Every year, during the men's luncheon and when we are kicked out of our house, I take the kids to the pier for ice cream and lately to the Maritime Museum in Southport.  This year Emily came along too.  Every year, I have asked David to hold Lia's hand so I can take a picture of them on the pier.  It is my tradition and I dearly love looking at the pictures from years past and reminiscing about how much bigger they grow each year and so on and so forth as any proud mother deserves to do.  So, I was a little annoyed when these two couldn't, and I mean seriously could not smile for the camera!  They may look cute here... but zoom in and you will see that they are not even trying!  So I just took their picture anyway and I plan to torture them with it when they are older.  Really!


My big girl, on the other hand, for her credit did not really want her picture taken either, but she still sucked it up and smiled.  Thank you Emily!!!

 We all enjoyed seeing the pelicans perched on the poles.  It was kind of funny the way they looked down at us as we walked by... a look of disdain... a look that said I own this spot and don't mess with me!
But, 7 year old boys can't help themselves when it come to messing with the pelicans.  David took great joy in running up to the pelican and making loud noises until said pelican flew away.  Boys.
And here we are at the Maritime Museum.  The kids really enjoyed the scavenger hunt inside and I really appreciated the free admission and hour my children enjoyed exploring the museum.  I also appreciated the 50 cent animal toys in the gift shop that made my children so happy.

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