Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pop Pop's Surprise 86th Birthday Party

After Pop Pop's heart scare earlier this year, Stacey was inspired to organize a surprise birthday party at the beach to celebrate how happy we are that he is in such good health after his surgeries.  She booked a local Veteran's hall and had everyone gather to surprise Pop Pop.  He knew we were having a family dinner but he didn't know it was to celebrate his birthday.  He kept asking us who was providing the food and who paid for it all... which we just responded that it was taken care of and not to worry!  Here he is entering the hall after we all yelled, "Surprise!" and sang Happy Birthday in pure hideous Nelli fashion.  I'm nor sure the final headcount but she planned for 75 adults and we certainly had a full house.

Stacey had a king's crown for him to wear, which I think he secretly loved, though he won't admit it.

The theme was NC State Wolfpack, hence all the red.

The first dance was for Pop Pop and his daughter, Jeanne Marie.  All the grandkids eagerly hit the dance floor as well.

I'm thinking this was the electric slide.  What a party!

Anthony came decked out in NC State colors and sporting a red Mohawk!

David tore up the dance floor the entire night.  He had no interest in dancing with anyone else.  When asked, he replied, "No thank you, I dance better by myself."  Ha!

And here is Pop Pop with his children.  Left to Right:  Rob, Jamie, Jeanne Marie, Pop Pop, Tom, Chris, Bill and Steven.

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