Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cousin Camp - Discovery Place

After Pinocchio and lunch, we went to the Discovery Museum in Charlotte.  This light display at the entrance is one of my favorite parts of the museum.  I have gotten better pictures in previous years, but here is Lia and what you are seeing on the screen is the tail end of a turtle swimming off the screen.  I'm thinking she didn't want to stay for more pictures or I could have gotten a better shot.  And you know, the shots without the kids are no fun.

Clowning around.  I think Olivia, who is holding the iphone, got the better picture.


This water wheel play area is fantastic.  If this was the only exhibit in the whole museum, David, Lia and Anthony would have been completely happy.  I love the area on the left where you can manipulate the gates to get the boats to flow through the current.  Brilliant.

Emma is helping Anthony look at the microscope.  The invention of the microscope that displays to a video screen is brilliant.  That way all the kids can see at the same time and you don't have to re-focus for each kid.

These shapes sit on a table that lights up... You can't see it here but you can build 3-dimensionally with these as well... I think they were magnetic.

And look, I was at the museum too!  Lia, my personal photographer, wanted to take Mommy's picture with the funny 3-D glasses.  Fun!

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