Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cousin Camp - Pinocchio!

Pop Pop arranged for us to see a youth theater production of Pinocchio this year.  This was our first day of cousin camp and a wonderful start to the week.  Here we are outside the theater waiting to go in.

Anthony was all about hugs this year.  He can give hugs all day!  In fact, he might grow up to be a professional hugger.

See, he's got his Lia Bear!

And this cracks me up.  Not only does he give sweet hugs, he even goes in for the cheek caress!  Now that is a boy who means business.

Here are the kids clowning around after the show.  We were waiting for Stacey and Chris to go and get the cars.  Emily's holding Anthony up for some reason.

And I told them to be super-safe and hold hands as we headed back to the steps.

Don't they look small next to that building?

Ugh... steps!
And David with downtown Charlotte behind him.  He's sporting his Nelli t-shirt too.  He won't wear them at home for some silly reason that everyone at home already knows he's a Nelli.  But wearing them at cousin camp and Nelli beach week seems to make sense to him... I won't pretend to understand.  I'm just glad to see him wear them.  We've had these since he was 2 years old and I have been waiting for years for him to grow into them.  It's also cool that Dad has matching big ones and wears his at the beach too.

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