Sunday, August 18, 2013

Emily's 10th birthday Cake

The countdown began.  It was Saturday morning and Emily's party was to be held Sunday afternoon.  Lot's to do!  But most important:  the cake.  Last year, we studied Astronomy as our homeschool science curriculum and Emily noticed that the biggest meteor shower of the year, the Perseids, had its peak day on her birthday.  So, she decided she wanted a star theme for her 10th birthday and planned everything around that.  While, the Perseids meteor shower was a let down for us. her birthday celebration was not.

 Emily selected a chocolate cake mix and took great pride in making the cake all by herself... with the exception of breaking the 3 eggs.  I stepped in for that.  Her siblings wanted to watch the action and would have helped if Emily would have let them.  David, in pure David form, provided plenty of annoying little brother antics.  Yes, this is what happens when the camera comes out.  I'm not fighting it anymore.  This is how he is.

The frosting was dyed blue (for the sky) and lots of fun star sprinkles and candles were added for decoration.  Again, David and Lia are very interested in this process.

I also noticed Lia has been making big funny eyes when I take her picture, so here are both my girls doing their silly big eye routine.

And the final product.  Chris wrote EMILY and added the big exclamation point and underlining.  He was having so much fun I wondered if he might like to decorate his own birthday cake next year.

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  1. Oh my goodness, emily’s 10thbirthday cake was super cute. Thanks my friend for sharing these details. Our princess had a polka dot inspired party and it was stunning. We organized this cute bash at the event halls for rent in the New York city. It was brilliant.