Monday, August 5, 2013

Lia Ballerina

Lia started a little ballet class at the YMCA last month and has loved it.  We've been observing this class in action for a while because they used to practice right before David's Tae Kwon Do class.  Lia's been asking me for at least a year if she can take ballet and I have been putting her off and telling her maybe she could when she's older...  Emily took this ballet class when she was 3 years old and it wasn't easy because she liked the idea of ballet but hated to put on her tights and after a few classes started to complain about going.  When we decided to let Lia start ballet, I told her very clearly that if she complained about going, we would quit.  She must have really wanted it because she has never complained and eagerly puts on her tights and leotard when it is time to go.  And for a little girl who hates to have her hair brushed, she grins and bears it when it come to putting her hair back.  So once we got her signed up, she wanted to know when we could go to the dance shop... because she couldn't wait to pick out her gear.
I took her to Jazz Rags and I swear this little girl must have thought she had died and gone to ballerina heaven.  There was a huge rack of skirted pink leotards for her to choose from.  She very diligently went through all of them and narrowed her choices down to two.  Once in the dressing room, the above contender was a hands down winner for her.  The skirt and ruffles have shiny little sequins on them.  She was in love.  While there, we had her fitted in her ballet slippers and were given the run-down on the different kinds of tights.  You have footed, cropped and convertible.  After hearing the convertible tights could be flipped up so she could wear flip flops, she was sold.

And to finish, she really wanted the sparkly bun cover to complete her ensemble.  I have to admit it was really pretty.  And... I still had the bun-maker tool from Emily's dance days so I was good to go to make her first bun.  Luckily, the bun cover is very forgiving if your bun isn't perfect and mine are rarely perfect!

Convertible tights!
The last thing I love about this class is that it is taught by the sweetest teenage girls ever.  These girls are beautiful ballerinas no doubt and the little girls totally look up to them, but they are also super encouraging, patient and kind.  The girls go through this little mini-ballet where they act out Cinderella receiving the invitation to the ball, getting ready, dancing, running home, changing into pajamas and going to sleep.  The little girls love this so much and ask to do it every class.  These sweet teenage girls run through it with the same enthusiasm every single time and I am just in awe.  Love it!

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