Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lia's Swan Lake Performance

Lia finished up her summer ballet class at the YMCA last week with a little performance for the parents.  The older girls had the little girls follow them in a Swan Lake ballet and the fact they all got to wear costumes, made it really special.  We had thought Chris would be travelling and would miss her little recital but due to some trip delays he got to see his baby girl perform.  Here she is with her teachers.

I had a difficult time getting her to smile.  Unfortunately, she tripped in the parking lot and tore her tights at her knee.  She was really upset about it and I gathered that it hurt a little bit but I was really proud that she was able to pull herself together.  Here she is in her costume and a little bit of makeup too!  She got to keep the hair piece... and was really excited about that.  It has feathers!

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