Monday, September 9, 2013

A gift.

Chris just called and was sitting next to Pop Pop in the hospital.  He is beginning to open his eyes.  We don't know if he is aware or not but it is a small gift.  Chris told me the family said the chaplet together around Pop Pop this morning and seeing him wake up certainly gives us hope.

Stacey and Anthony arrived last night and are also there at his side.  I don't think I've shared here the amazing bond Anthony and Pop Pop share.  You see, Anthony was only 3 weeks old when Nonna died so during the most intense part of Pop Pop's grieving period, he had this amazing new grandbaby to hold, to love on and to cherish.  Over the last 2 years, Anthony has developed a very strong bond with Pop Pop.  This bond was nurtured over Skype when the two of them couldn't be together in person as New Mexico is very far from South Carolina.  From what I understand, Pop Pop Skyped with Anthony every single week so Anthony knew his face and his voice very well.  And when they were together in person, Anthony only wanted Pop Pop to hold him.  Pop Pop would be the first words out of his mouth each morning and one of the last before bed.  So I am very grateful that they are together now.  :-)

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