Saturday, September 28, 2013

Celebration of Family

I don't take pictures at funerals.  I understand it is a wonderful opportunity to capture so many of our family members together but it is also a very personal and emotional experience for many and I just don't feel comfortable getting my camera out.  That said, I did take some pictures of our children playing with their cousins at the reception.  We were very proud of our kiddos for behaving so well during all the funeral services and told them once it was over, they could just play and enjoy their cousins.  Obviously, that would have been just what Pop Pop would have wanted.

David wanted me to take this sweet picture of Anthony laughing.

The Gray family was so generous to let our family gather at their family lake house.  What a beautiful and peaceful place to enjoy just being with our family.

Emily and Ainsley
 When Emily saw the big kids were taking the kayaks out on the lake she could hardly wait for it to be her turn.  I think she would have paddled out there all night if we would have let her.

Lia got a turn too with her cousin Mario.
Emily, cousin Anthony, Aunt Stacey and Aunt Leenie
This is the life!

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  1. Beautiful pics. :) I'm with you on the funeral pics... my family insisted on taking a group shot at the cemetery at my grandmother's funeral. I didn't get it.