Saturday, September 28, 2013

David is a Wolf Cub!

 David's homeschooled cub scout pack kind of fell apart after BSA's national policy changes a few months ago, so we got him enrolled in the cub scout pack at our church.  He loved being a cub scout last year and wanted to continue wearing the uniform, camping and most importantly, designing a better pine-wood derby car to win it all this year!  It took me a while to get it all together, but here is David ready for his first meeting in his full uniform and very excited to start a new year of cub scouts.

It had been a rainy week, so their first pack meeting was held indoors and they learned all about our country's flag and what it means to be a good citizen.  I think there are 5 boys in his den and I love that three of them are homeschooled too!  His new den leader is a friend of ours and we are very grateful that he is with such a great group of catholic boys.

They learned how to properly fold an American flag.  And look at their faces... they are taking it very seriously.  Love it!

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