Sunday, September 8, 2013


And now we wait.  Pop-Pop is stabilized and his sedation medication has been reduced so that he should have woken up at some point today.  Unfortunately, he remains in a coma-like state.  If he doesn't regain consciousness soon, a scan will be taken to check for brain damage.  Of course, we are praying for the miracle of total healing or even just one more conscious moment but we are also preparing ourselves for the worst.  It could have been that the part of his brain that keeps him alive died early Saturday morning when Chris had his beautiful dream.  We just don't know.  With his weakened heart, another heart attack is possible as well.  So we wait.  And we pray. 

I scanned through our caller ID records on our phone and smiled that his last phone calls were for August 22 and August 24.  Chris had just had his gall bladder removed and he was checking on his son as any good father would do after his child has had surgery.  The time before that was on August 11th to serenade Emily on her birthday.  I am so grateful I recorded that moment on video.

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