Thursday, October 24, 2013

Butterfly Center field trip

Since I am not reaching at our classical co-op this year, I volunteered to organize our class field trip and chose the Cockerell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  The field trip rate is $3.50 per person, which is awesome for large families!  What is funny, is that the last time I came here, I was pregnant with Lia.  This means that Emily was 4 and David was 2... Emily says she remembers it but it was pretty much a new experience for David and Lia.   The caterpillar at the entrance was very popular for pictures.  And look, all of my kiddos are looking and smiling for the camera.  Love it!
The rain forest for the butterflies is amazing.  Emily was very happy that she could explore on her own so I let her go while I stayed with David and Lia.

David spent all of his time in the rain forest identifying butterflies from his chart.  He found many that weren't on the chart too.
This iquana is one cool looking creature.  David is humoring me by posing by him.  It is hard to believe that David was the most cooperative for pictures!

David's favorite butterfly was the rice paper butterfly.  I took some pictures of them so we will remember it.

And here is a professional shot I found on the web when I got home.  These butterflies are just stunning.

And a few last pictures on the caterpillar before we went home.

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