Thursday, October 17, 2013

David's 8th Birthday Cake

We normally celebrate David's birthday at a nearby park that hold's concerts on Sundays.  It is always really enjoyable for the adults and the kids have a ball too because they can run around and play.  Unfortunately, it rained all night on Saturday and a good part of the day on Sunday too.  We feared the park would be too wet and since the rain didn't bring in a cold front, the weather was also very humid.  So... we decided to celebrate at the house.  After we got home from church, David and Lia got busy making his birthday cake.  This year we decided to make cookie brownie bars and keep it simple by skipping the frosting and fancy decorations.  We made the brownie portion first and then the kids enjoyed licking the spoons.  Lia, who was still enjoying her spoonful of brownie batter, was caught on camera making this silly face.  David, however, got busy with the 2nd part of his baking project - the cookie part.

It looks like they are enjoying this process doesn't it?  I can assure you there was a lot of silly talk going on here.  ;-)

And now they are getting serious about adding the cookie dough to the top.  This cake business is a lot of hard work!  I like that I can just hang out and take the pictures.

Almost done!

 And here is the final product!  David placed all the candles and then when I asked him if he wanted me to write his name on the bottom, he asked that I write it in cursive!  David has been busy learning his cursive letters this school year and I think it might be his favorite subject we do each day.  I think he felt a little too much pressure to write his own name on the cake... but you can be sure he watched to make sure I formed all his letters correctly.

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