Thursday, October 17, 2013

David's Birthday Party

We had a wonderful gathering for David's Birthday.  David was a very lucky boy to have his grandparents, godparents and  his best buddy with him to celebrate his big day.  The kids ate in the kitchen and enjoyed playing together while the 8 adults got to have a nice sit down meal in our dining room.  Granted, we had to holler at the kids to keep their voices down a few dozen times... but even with that, I really enjoyed the adult conversation and actually using our beautiful dining room for the purpose it was intended for.  After dinner, we all gathered for cake and to sing happy birthday to David.  Before this picture was taken, Emily and Lia were bickering about who would sit in this one particular chair.  Emily got mad and that is why she isn't in this picture...

But I did bribe her back with the threat of not getting any cake if she wouldn't be in her brother's birthday picture...  I'm not pleased about the tounge sticking out but at least she is present.  (sigh)

And now that the candles are being lit, you can see everyone is having more fun...

And my next post will be the video of David's birthday serenade...  It got a little silly but I am very pleased that everyone had such a fun time celebrating.  Eight is great!

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