Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 It has been raining non-stop here and the kids were very afraid that their Halloween would be ruined but luckily, the rain stopped this afternoon and we had beautiful weather for trick-or-treating.  Lia had picked out a little mermaid costume at Kroger a while back but changed things up on me this afternoon.  The kids rummaged through our big costume box while I napped this afternoon.  Lia and Emily came up with this sweet little bat princess costume for Lia.  Her wings are made from Chris's old Zorro costume... it is the tunic tied around her arms.  We found the black clothes in her hand-me-down pile and Emily dolled up the shirt with glitter glue and sequins to make the heart.  They finished it off with a bat tiara and we had one happy little girl.  :-)

 David has been St. George for the last 4 years I think so nothing has changed here.  We couldn't find the red sash to tie the slayed dragon's head to his waist... but we settled for tying the dragon head to his sword and he was good to go.

Emily opted for Warrior princess.  We will use these same pieces to be Joan of Arc at our saint party this weekend so again... all good.  The blue gown are her new jammies so getting ready for bed was easy once we got home.
Here they all are doing their Halloween pose... no standing nice and still and smiling for my kids but well, that's how they are.  :-)

And of course a battle scene...

And last if Aunt Stacey, Uncle Te-Te and Cousin Anthony are reading... We love these special Halloween mini cupcakes from Gigi's!!!  What a treat.  We didn't have enough self control to take a picture before our first serving... but luckily I thought of taking a picture after so you could see how cute they are!  Thank you so much!!!  Love you.

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