Wednesday, October 23, 2013


With baby number 4 on the way, purchasing a minivan has been on our list of things to do!  We wanted to buy one used with low mileage and struggled a bit with very few being available during the summer and then two occasions of going to see one and finding it had sold before we could have a look.  Luckily, my parents suggested we try CarMax and I was very pleased to have the nicest car saleswoman in Houston help me out.  She was able to have a minivan transferred and held for us so we could check it out.  Long story short, we bought it last week and are very happy.  (The kids are doing their happy dance here.)

I love all the room.  I love the reverse camera so I can see what is behind me.  I love having a DVD player for the kids.  I love the comfy leather seats and the fact I can adjust them a million different ways to accommodate my big belly and sometimes uncomfortable pregnant self.  I love the power sliding doors and power lift gate trunk and the way I can open it all up from halfway across the parking lot.  I love the way it drives and the dual AC controls.  The only thing I am not 100% comfortable with is parking it in a tight space.  In fact, I haven't really tried that yet but have opted to practice on spots where I have plenty of room.  I'm getting better and I'm sure practice will bring confidence but the good thing is that I don't have to worry about the kids banging their car doors into anything anymore.  The sliding doors are awesome but I think I already said that.  :-)

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