Saturday, November 23, 2013

David gets his green belt!

Last Wednesday night, David tested and was awarded his green belt in Tae Kwon Do.  As he progresses through the different belt levels, I have noticed how difficult his patterns have become and how serious he has been as he worked to master them.  Chris and I couldn't be prouder of him!  He started as a white belt, earned his yellow belt and now his green.  Because the patterns are so difficult to master, the kids can earn a stripe between each belt to discern they are at the half way point.  So when David tested, he was wearing a yellow belt with a green stripe.  He says he wants to go all the way to his junior black belt so he will have to achieve blue, red and then several stages as a black belt candidate to get there.  Stay tuned!

David is receiving his green belt here as he holds his old yellow belt in his left hand.

Shaking hands with Master Scott.

And all the new green belts accepting applause from the class!

To earn his green belt, he had to memorize 2 patterns and spar (fight) in front of his instructors.  Here is David in the white helmet sparring with a junior black belt.  (no pressure)

And here is a fuzzy picture of David kicking said junior black belt.  I have to admit I don't like watching him spar especially when he gets paired up with a girl.  He has to wear a helmet to protect his head, a tooth guard for his teeth and in tournaments, the boys even wear a protective cup.


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