Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 3 at the hospital, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving and it also marks our 3rd full day at St. Luke's as David tries to heal from his "asthma attack and bad sinus infection.  Chris continues to take the night shift and I stay at the hospital during the day so that David always has one of his parents with him at all times.  I am very thankful for the doctors and nurses who work around the clock here to care for him, and even more grateful knowing they are here for us on this holiday when most everyone else is celebrating with their own families.

David continues on a slow path to recovery and can now wear the nose cannula and keep up his oxygen levels for short periods of time.  The doctors have said that his upper lungs sound good and appear to be clear but his lower lungs are still inflamed and clogged with "junk" and/or possibly infected.  The antibiotics he is taking to clear up his sinus infection are the same meds needed for an infection in his lungs so he should be covered for both issues.  Today, he still needs to be receiving oxygen at all times.  The doctor told me today that we can experiment with weaning him off the oxygen tomorrow and see how he does.  Once the weaning process begins, our goal will be to make it through the night off the oxygen, and without incident.  Once that occurs, we can go home,  I asked her, very tentatively, when she thought this might happen.  She thinks he can accomplish these goals in 2-3 days and would absolutely expect he would be home by Monday at the latest.  These expectations help me to put it all into perspective and it feels less like we are are just going to be here indefinitely.

David's spirits are good though it does get a bit boring being in bed all day.  I got the kids a Looney Toons DVD collection to surprise them with and watch on the way to Dallas.  Since that trip didn't happen, we are enjoying it in the hospital.  It is nice to hear David chuckling over the same cartoons I used to watch as a kid.  I am envious that he gets to experience them without all the commercials I was subjected to watching on live TV... How times have changed.  We took a walk around the pediatric floor again and while Chris is here, David gets to watch a lot of football with Dad.  He cracks me up calling all the plays now... "That's a scoop score... That's a pick six.... This game has everything,"  It's really funny how much he acts and talks like his Daddy but I guess that's what boys do.

So the good news, is that David continues to improve and that we have a discharge date in sight.  He continues to receive excellent care and we are all hanging in there.  Thanks for checking in on us and Happy Thanksgiving.

God bless,

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  1. All good news!! Something we are thankful for this Thanksgiving day. Continue to heal David!! We love you!!