Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday, David's 4th day in the hospital...

Today was definetly a happier day for David, in terms of his spirits, but we are facing a 24 hr challenge to get his nasal passages clear.  When we saw the doctor this afternoon, she was not pleased with the fact that David has to wear his nose and mouth mask to receive oxygen as she would have expected him to be on the nasal cannula by now at a level of 3 (the highest).  The nose and mouth mask is really only to be used in emergency situations and is very drying to the nasal cavities.  Up till this point, David would only wear the nasal cannula to eat and would have to put the nose/mouth mask on to prevent his oxygen levels from falling below 90 and setting off alarms.  You see, his nasal passages are just so clogged that he cannot even get any air up one side of his nose.  If he's not receiving the full benefit from his breathing treatments, his progress will be hindered.  The doctor told me to get David menthol cough drops and have him take them every 4 hours in hopes of clearing up his passages that way.  If they are still clogged tomorrow, she is going to order an Ear Nose Throat  (ENT) specialist to clear the passages by whatever method they choose... (Vacume suction, irrigation?). That doesn't sound pleasant so I am hoping they clear with the menthol!

On a happy note, my Mom and Dad were able to visit him at the hospital and he perked up considerably telling his Nana and Grandpa all about his hospital experience in great detail.  He ate well at all 3 meals, and was able to blow out some pretty nasty black boogers from his nose after his first menthol cough drop and some saline spray.  In the late afternoon and evening he was able to breathe with the nasal cannula at level 3 and maintain oxygen levels at 93-94 which is awesome.  I was  also able to pick up some travel sized games (at a great Black Friday price, no less) when I went to Walgreens for the cough drops for David.  We spent the early part of the evening playing Connect 4, Battleship and Checkers and I enjoyed that time with my son very much.

So right now, Chris is pulling his all night shift and I'll get another update when I take over in the morning.  Let's hope those nasal passageways clear up so we can make some real progress tomorrow!

I'll update again tomorrow.  Thank you again to all who are thinking and praying for him.  We really just want to get him well and back home.  A funny aside though, David said he could stay at the hospital for another week because he is enjoying the food so much.  I will say it is very nice to order whatever you like and have it just appear in 45 min... But no we are not staying one minute longer than we have to!

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