Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Hudson!

We spent the morning and afternoon celebrating Hudson's 1st birthday.  Hudson is my cousin's son, so Chris says it makes him my cousin once-removed... regardless, he is super-cute and we enjoyed being part of the celebration.
And more presents!!!

I didn't get too many pictures because Hudson was in constant motion.  I did get to see him take some steps, which was really cool... but right now he still crawls most of the time and cruises around all the furniture.

He was infatuated with Emily and gave out lots of hugs... though here he is trying to break out of the hug.

And here is the coolest baby toy ever.  We were calling it a modern hungry hippo... though I was informed it is an alligator.

See... everyone loved it!

Happy Birthday Hudson!!!

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