Saturday, November 16, 2013


Lia has been very busy this school year learning the monumental skill called reading.  I have mentioned before that we struggled so much through our first book that I was left looking for something that would be a better fit for my little girl and I am still so happy and grateful we found 'All About Reading'.  (Thank you Blair!)
We spend a lot of time at our huge magnetic board manipulating letters and sounds to make words but I love that this program also includes phonetic readers, fun games and worksheets too.  Yesterday's lessons had Lia cooking sunny-side up eggs in the frying pan and reading the words on the bottom of each egg as she flipped them.  If she could read the egg, she got to put it on her plate.  Yes, the stove is off!

Generally, Lia doesn't like to do things in the ordinary way... so her eggs were colored with blue and purple yolks and rainbow whites... but that is part of her charm.  ;-)

And you phonetic readers out there can celebrate that we made it through all the basic one letter phonograms last week and have moved on to 'qu' and the two sounds of 'th'.  This is huge for us as we practice for a short time every day and slowly this idea of blending sounds is starting to gel in her brain.  I know we will get there.  Patience is key... but it is also a blessing to find activities that make the practice fun.

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