Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Steps forward...

So at 7pm on Wednesday night, David's spirits are most definitely higher.  He is able to eat his dinner peacefully with the nasal cannula on and his oxygen levels at 93-94 and holding steady.  This is huge as he ordered pasta again and is quite hungry!  We were able to take a little walk around the pediatric floor and get out of his room... Granted we had to drag the O2 tank and IV with us but it was still nice to just take a little walk.  Tomorrow, once the antibiotics provide some relief for his sinus infection, he will likely be able to put the face mask away and maybe we will have some hope to ween off the oxygen.  Time will tell but we are hopeful.  Chris should be here to take over for the night soon and I'll head home to my house where currently, we have no power!  Can you believe it.  The transformer blew earlier this afternoon and we are part of a pretty large outage.  Entergy said they would get the power back on at 6pm... Then 7pm...  I hope they get their act together because it is currently in the 30's and may drop into the 20's tonight.  The girls and I may have to all sleep together  in the same bed for warmth!

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