Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Tree Farm

This year, we managed to do lots of fun Christmas activities.  I'm glad I'm finally relaxing on Christmas Eve and updating our blog.  :-)  David's cub scout pack hosted a fun night at a local Christmas Tree farm.  We took a hay ride through the Christmas tree fields and under the beautiful stars, to a picnic area all set up with bonfires for cooking hot dogs and smores!  As you can see, we were all bundled up because it was in the low 40's that night!  The kids really enjoyed cooking their hot dogs over the fire and there must be something about being outside and being really  hungry... because those hot dogs were delicious!  We made smores for dessert too.  :-)  Ooey Gooey marshmellows, melted chocolate and graham crackers made everyone very happy that night.

Here is Emily, Lia and our friend Sophia on the hay ride.

And me and my friend, Christina.  I loved her red hat and wool jacket.

And here is my little girl all in pink.  The kids really didn't complain about the cold.  I was okay with it, with the exception of my feet getting cold.  I think I needed to wear wool socks or something!  Chris tells me I would never cut it at the cub scout camp... and he's right if we would have to sleep in cold weather like it was that night.  No thank you.  I'll take my comfy bed and electric blanket on cold nights every time!  :-)

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