Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with Nana and Grandpa

We celebrated Christmas with my parents on the 28th with dinner at Dosey Doe's and opening presents after.  I think my family goal for the new year is to be able to take a family picture simply and as easily as counting to 3 and smiling!  Yes, I know... that is never going to happen with my kids.  Maybe Isaac will be a camera ham.  In terms of gifts, my kids made out like bandits this year.  They received lots of books, puzzles, games and modeling kits which have been great because 2 weeks off from schoolwork gives them a lot of free time!  I have been able to put them to work raking in the back yard though which has been awesome this year.  In order to earn their much coveted privilege of 20 minutes of iPad time, they have to fill up one of those large lawn and leaf paper bags I get at the home depot.  David and Emily work together to do so and there are so many leaves in the back yard that they can be kept busy doing this every day!  It's good exercise too and gets them outside so I say win/win for everyone.  Lia helps me when I rake by picking up the piles but she isn't quite independent or motivated enough to do this every day.  She earns privileges by reading aloud to me from her readers... I desperately want her reading so I don't mind bribing her in this way!  So I guess it is time to sign off for 2013... and get on to the new year.  Hard to believe!

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