Monday, December 2, 2013

Normal (almost) and Very Thankful

I am feeling very blessed and thankful this morning to take this picture of my kiddos playing happily together.  They have all seemed to take an interest in chess and have been spouting off all the rules about pawns, knights, kings and queens... I don't know how to play chess so it is very cool they can read directions and learn.  Last night, David and Emily were playing the dice game Farkle till it turned ugly with a loud argument about one of the rules.  It ended with both of them agreeing they would never play with one another again... but it looks like that has already been forgotten.

I am also thankful for my sweet neighbor Betty who came over to watch the girls a few days ago when Lia was in bed resting with a minor cold and I needed to run to the hospital.  She taught Emily the basics of knitting!  The timing was so perfect because Emily, who knows a basic crochet, had been studying this knitting book but was unable to follow the diagrams for getting started... and along came Betty with her knitting bag that day and was willing to give her a little lesson.  She is very proud of her work right here as you can see. 
Chris found our little Lia playing the board game Sorry with another neighbor Nancy, who came to help another day as we traded shifts at the hospital.  Another set of neighbors, Larry and Stacy made us delicious banana bread and apple cinnamon bread which we devoured this morning as our breakfast supplies were running low and nothing tastes better than homemade bread.  David's grandparents and his Godparents came to visit him in the hospital. and lovingly listened to him describe in great detail his hospital stay, what he ate each day, what all the medical equipment was for and what he liked and didn't like about this whole ordeal.  David also received a care package from his Aunt Stacey and Uncle Te-Te, prompting the response of, "I didn't know people got gifts when they are in the hospital!"  So, "Why yes David, people send gifts to you in the hospital to lift your spirits and to let you know that you are loved and being prayed for!"  We received holy communion on Sunday by one of the kind ladies from St. Anthony's who is part of their hospital ministry.  While David is still preparing to receive his first communion, we were able to pray over him and he looked very proud to know all his prayers and he was able to witness our catholic faith in action, which is a beautiful thing.  I was also glad to receive communion as I would be unable to attend church that day as I cared for him.  It is wonderful to be blessed in this way, with kind neighbors, a loving church community and family who love us so much.   I know my kids notice all these things, really, the don't miss much... and all these offerings reinforce, in a very real way, all that we strive to teach them about their faith and how to treat others....the way you would like to be treated yourself.  So even though this last week was hard, we know God has been with us the whole time and is using this experience for good.

And... we are all hoping that our next visit to the hospital, will be a more joyous one:  namely that it will be the hospital visit to welcome David's little brother Isaac to the world next March.
St. Anthony of Padua, pray for us!

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