Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One Starry Night in Bethlehem

Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Crossroads Baptist church for their Christmas story drama and hands on Bethlehem experience for the kids.  What an amazing event for the community.  We really enjoyed our time there.

The girls wanted to sit at the very top of the worship area and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Christmas story come to life on stage.

After the show, the girls were able to experience the sights and sounds of Bethlehem and do a ton of fun crafts.  We registered for the census, paid our taxes, sampled Bethlehem bread, and even weaved a real basket!  Lia was so excited to do everything they had to offer.  Emily was thrilled to go off on her own to experience it all as well.

Lia's making a little tile mosaic here.  The crafts were really impressive for the numbers of kids that turned out for this event.  Did I mention this was a free event.  Score.  :-)

And animals too!  You don't get to see camels very often.  I was told this one was a baby. 

Donkey, goats, pigs...

Oh yes, and a Shetland pony ride!  What a fun afternoon.

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