Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"This isn't Asthma..."

We saw David's pediatrician yesterday, which was reassuring, as she has been our doctor for over 8 years now.  After briefly explaining what happened to David last week, she said, "This isn't asthma.  That doesn't make sense."  If David had developed asthma, he would have most likely had an episode years ago and would have continued to have episodes.  Due to how quickly his condition became so serious, she thinks he most likely had a nasty case of viral pneumonia, which looks like an asthma attack on a chest scan.  The fact that he had a bad sinus infection and couldn't breathe well through his nose combined with his seasonal allergies just proved to be too much for his respiratory system all at once, prompting his need for oxygen, breathing treatments and ultimately steroids to heal his lungs and airways.  Ultimately, we will never know exactly what happened, but if this is the case, and we can get his lungs healed completely over the next 4 weeks, his chances of a repeat episode are low.  And that is good news to me!

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