Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Pinewood Derby!

Chris and David had very high hopes for this year's Pinewood Derby race with our cub scout pack.  Last year, David came in 3rd place for his den and 6th overall for his pack so they just knew they were going to win it all this year with their new and improved car, the Rocket 5000!

(It looks fast doesn't it?)


Here are the Wolf cub cars... David's competition!  It was a very exciting morning and the anticipation in the air was thick!
Emily volunteered to sing the National Anthem to kick things off.  (Man... is she brave, or what?)  And yes, it was "that" quiet in the gym!

And then the races began!

This pack had a 4 lane track with all the bells and whistles.  The cars were released and the stats were posted to a large screen for everyone to see.  Not only were we able to see the times, down to the thousandths of a second, and the finishing order but we were also treated to the speed of each car corrected by some fancy scale-up mathematics.  Chris said they sized up the car by 30... and reported corrected speeds of over 200 miles an hour!  Pretty cool eh?

There was lots of excitement, for sure!  The Tiger cubs raced first and then it was time for the Wolf cubs and time for us to see how David's car would do!

So I know I have built this up... and you really just want to know if we won or not right?  Well... we didn't.  The cars in this pack were really, really fast!  The fastest cars were about 213 mph.... David's car raced at about 202 mph which was not embarrassing by any means... it just didn't cut it for this pack.  And after all the build-up and bragging he heard from his Daddy about this race, David ended up being quite a bit upset that he didn't place.  It was a good lesson in humility I guess.  Poor kid.  As the older kids raced, we saw one family in particular break all track records with a speed of 224 mph for their car.  I guess we have a thing or two to learn for next year.  ;-)  And yes, Chris videoed all of the races and has been analyzing them for next year's strategy.  Engineers.
The good thing... the silver lining... is that David's wolf cub dens met the next week for a more low-key fun race where everyone got a prize.  I'll write that up next.

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