Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Field Trip - Downtown Aquarium

On Monday, we played hooky from school, or rather took a field trip to the Downtown Aquarium.  Emily visited the Aquarium on a field trip when she was in 1st grade at catholic school and has been asking to go back as a family ever since.  So... 4 years later, here we are!  In the New Year, I promised her the first warm and pretty day we would go.  Well, we couldn't have had better weather on Monday.  It was sunny without a cloud in the sky and I think we even hit a high of 70!  I'm glad this nice couple took a picture of us outside the Aquarium and I'm glad you can clearly see that Isaac accompanied us in my belly.

We visited the inside exhibits first.  The kids were very excited and had fun locating each type of fish in the tank from the reference pictures below.

David is saying, "Look, the lobster is stabbing me in the eye!"

Here is a white tiger from India.  Her name was Marina and she treated us to a real live "Roar!" as we stood admiring her.

And of course, the photo op of the kids battling the stuffed white tiger was priceless! 

(Silly, aren't they?)

We got the all-day activity pass so the kids were able to ride the merry-go-round about 14 times.

We visited the sting-ray touch tank twice.  Emily said this was her favorite part.

We rode the Shark Train twice.

The sharks were pretty awesome and were swimming above and all around us in the shark tank.

We were all spoiled and had a wonderful lunch at the Aquarium restaurant.  They save some of the most amazing fish for the restaurant tanks and the kids loved how the stairs wound around this gigantic 3-4? story cylindrical tank.

And then it just got better and better.  Seriously, this is the best restaurant for kids in Houston.  They were all super-excited to get shark hats at the start of our meal.  And then they were treated to a kids menu that had over 6 pages of activities, not to mention all their favorite kinds of food.  I was happy to see the kid's meals were $5.99.  They got pizza, pasta with marinara sauce and chicken tenders.  I was thrilled to have a cup of seafood gumbo and a crab cake... and I am getting seriously hungry again just thinking about how good it was.

But the desserts for the kids were over the top and a steal at $2.50.  The girls ordered a make your own Sundae platter and were really happy to receive this:

And just pure coolness was the Paint your own Rice Krispie Rainbow Fish.  David was given a "palette" of strawberry, blueberry and chocolate sauce with a paint brush to decorate his rice krispie fish.  He looks pretty happy here doesn't he?

And yes, they are already asking when we can go back!

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