Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Isaac - 34 Week Sonogram Pictures

Today marks my 35th week of pregnancy and I have been meaning to update our blog with the amazing pictures we received last week during my 34th week.  My doctor wanted to run a sonogram to check Isaac's growth and just make sure everything looked okay as we wrap up his time in my belly.  We received good news all around.  He was measuring at 5.5lbs with a strong heartbeat and all things checked like head, body length, leg bone (femur) measurements and my placental fluid levels all looked perfectly normal.
Of particular interest to me, was this sweet little peek at my baby boy's face.  How amazing to see this little life for a few brief moments.  Oh my goodness, what a gift.  Praise God.


Ear... And not surprisingly, a whole lot of hair already.  If Isaac is anything like David, he will be born with very thick dark brown hair and amazing long lashes.

Perfectly formed lips... no cleft palate or abnormal splitting.

5 weeks to go... not that I'm counting.

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