Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Dinner

On Sunday, after the thrill of the birthday activities had cooled off a little, we had Chris's sister Jeanne and cousin Jed over to visit and to enjoy a big pasta dinner.  I loved having 'Team Nelli' here to help with all the preparations.  Chris and Steven did the grocery shopping and made the meatballs, pasta and sauce.  Stacey made almond bread for dessert and I put together the salad.  The meal was incredible and went very smoothly since we had done most of the work the night before.

I love this candid picture of the cousins laughing together.  David is being "silly" as usual.  I am just thrilled to see him smiling in my picture!

A very happy family after a delicious dinner and wonderful conversation.

Aunt Jeanne gave Lia a nail polish and lip gloss kit for her birthday and even treated her by painting her sweet little fingers and toes pink.  Aunt ReRe is the best!!!


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