Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lia's Birthday Party Pics

Lia officially turned 6 on February 8th but we were unable to have her birthday party till February 22 due to poor planning on her Mommy's behalf.  She really wanted to have a party with friends this year and due to February sometimes being very cold and rainy, we wanted to have it indoors.  We have really enjoyed playing at Bouncin' Bears of Texas and she really wanted to have her party there... I just didn't realize you needed to plan these things 1-2 months in advance!  Well, thank goodness, she didn't mind waiting!  We ended up having 13 friends attend and I am fairly certain everyone had a really fun time.  Thank you Stacey and Kim for taking all these pictures for me.
 Lia is looking very happy to be the birthday girl here.

 Pizza... Kids are so easy to please!
Gigis cupcakes... so yummy!  Lia chose a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake for her special birthday treat.
Action shot... blowing out her candles.

Her friend Chastity gave her a matching monkey to the one she had.  Cute!

I didn't get any pictures of the kids bouncing and having fun because I was too busy visiting... so I'm glad for this one.  The smiles tell me it must have been really fun!

Happy 6th Birthday Big Girl
We Love You!

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